dying memories cover artAfter over one year in the making we are very pleased to announce that our EP "dying memories" is finally out in the wild! 

Head over to your favourite music distribution platform (spotify, amazon music,...) and get it now! 

Of course you can listen to all of the new songs at our youtube-channel.‚Äč
Come and celebrate with us on 08.11.2018 @ Kulturzentrum Hof where we are performing live on stage together with Hate67.


About Skyland Escape

Five young musicians from Linz, Upper Austria, who have been jamming together since ten years. With a few gigs played in former constellations and stop and go's over the last couple of years, they finally found the right sound and settled in with some great, modern and homemade rockmusic, which is unlikely to put in a genre.
Just listen and take the opportunity to escape from life for a moment with the pure sound they have to offer!

skyland escape are (from left to right):

  • Manuel G. - guitar, samples
  • Wolfgang P. - drums
  • Flo G. - vocals
  • Flo K. - guitar, samples
  • Nico W. - bass


Skyland Escape EP Cover

Skyland Escape EP [320kbps|mp3] incl. booklet and cover


  • Recording Sessions EP
  • Kulturzentrum Hof
  • Mandafest 2015
  • KUZ 2016
  • Stadtwerkstatt 2018
  • KUZ 2018